Season 5

Episode 138 (In this week’s episode, we will kick off the 5th season of the show with a clip of Dick preaching at DC 2018, with a message that is entitled “We Need The Glory”)

Episode 142 (Dick will be speaking on the anointing: what it is, and how it works in our lives)

Episode 143 (Dick will be speaking on the anointing oil, and what it means for us today)

Episode 144 (Our guest today is Sarah Ball, and she will be sharing how God helped her overcome personal issues)

Episode 145 (Our guests today are Alex and Marilyn Ongkili, and they will be sharing what God is doing around the world)

Episode 146 (Our guest today is Faytene Grassecshi, and she’ll be sharing what is going on in Ottawa and how you can make a difference in our nation of Canada)

Episode 147 (Our guest today is Jamie Rauch, and he will encourage and activate your faith for supernatural signs, wonders and ministry)

Episode 148 (Our guest today is Jeff Barnhardt. He ministers in the prophetic gift and will share what God is doing)

Episode 149 (Dick will be teaching on how to press forward through any circumstance)

Episode 151 (This is our Christmas program. Enjoy and be blessed!)

Episode 152 (This is our end of year show! Enjoy, be blessed and encouraged with what God has in store for His church in 2019)

Episode 150 (This is our first show of 2019, and our guest is Bill Prankard. We hope you are encouraged by what God will do in 2019)

Episode 153 (Our guest is Len Zoeteman, and he will share how this generation is ready for a fresh move of God)

Episode 155 (Our guest today is David Demian, and he will be sharing what God is doing around the world, especially building unity in the church)

Episode 158 (Our guest today is Patricia King, and she will be sharing what she believes God will do in 2019)

Episode 156 (Our guest this week is Samuel Robinson, and he will be sharing from our Dominion Conference 2018)

Episode 157 (Dick will be teaching on how to let go of your past to fully pursue and grab hold of what God has for us)

Episode 154 (Our guest today is Graham Bretherick. He believes that if we don’t deal with shame, it will keep us prisoners of our past. We hope this show is an encouragement to you, giving you the tools you need to overcome the power of shame in your lives)

Episode 160 (Our guest today is Charlie Robinson, and he’ll be sharing a word from God for Canada)

Episode 161 (Our guest today is Charlie Robinson, and he’ll be sharing how Canada needs a fresh touch of revival from God)

Episode 159 (Dick will be teaching today on the unsearchable riches we have in Christ)

Episode 162 (On this week’s episode, Dick will be preaching from Dominion Conference 2018, and the message is “It’s Time For The Glory”)

Episode 163 (Samuel Robinson is our guest, and it’s his message from Dominion Conference 2018)

Episode 167 (Our guests today are Rob Parker, from the National House Of Prayer, and his son, Rob Jr., and they will be speaking on the importance of prayer affecting the national atmosphere in Canada

Episode 165 (It’s our Easter program, focusing on the death and resurrection of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ!)

Episode 166 (In today’s show, we will recap Dominion Conference 2019 from Ottawa)

Pastor Craig Buroker speaks about the glory of God at the 2018 Dominion Conference in Lethbridge, Alberta

Chris & Nikki Mathis join Dick and Joan Deweert to talk about revival and how they were called to Canada for the end time harvest

Our guest today is John La Framboise, and he will be sharing how God is equipping the church for the work of the gospel: bringing everyone to salvation

Dick and Joan welcome their guest, Pastor Prakash Timsina as he tells the story of growing up in a refugee camp only to be brought by God to Canada where he now pastors a vibrant Nepalese speaking church in Lethbridge, Alberta.

Dick and Joan highlight a message from Evangelist Joel Spinks on the Church’s take on sin.
Dick Deweert speaks on the Holy Roar and its significance for Canada.
Joan Deweert preaches on hearing the Holy Roar of revival.