Season 4

Episode 98 (Our guest for today’s show is Diana Gill. Check out her web site:


Episode 99 (It’s part 3 of our interview with Randy Clark.)


Episode 100 (In today’s show, Dick will be teaching on the Journey Of Faith)

Episode 101 (Today’s guest is David Demain, and he’ll be sharing what’s going on with The Gatherings in Montreal and one coming up in Egypt)


Episode 102 (Our guest today is Pastor Landen Dorsch, pastor of Gateway Family Church in Leduc, AB. He’ll be sharing what’s going on in his church, as well as what drove him to write his new book “Renovated For Glory”)


Episode 103 (Dick will be doing a teaching on THE BODY OF CHRIST)

Episode 104 (Michelle Brock is our guest today, and she will be talking about the results of a documentary her husband made. Check it out on Even though this episode of Lifeline Today tackles a mature topic, today’s show is actually for everyone :))

Episode 105 (In today’s episode, we have a clip from this year’s Dominion Conference featuring Joel Spinks. He will be speaking about his visitation from God and how you can have your own visitation as well)

Episode 106 (Pastor Craig Buroker will be sharing how the Church has overcome great obstacles as God fights the battle. Enjoy today’s message of encouragement)

Episode 107 (Today’s episode will have clips from Dominion Conference 2017, including Third Day’s dedication during the conference)

Episode 108 (Join us on Lifeline Today with our guest, Lisa Vanderkwaak who is an author, coach, speaker and trainer. Check out her website)

Episode 109 (Today’s show will feature Pastor Francis Armstrong and his message from this year’s Dominion Conference)

Episode 110 (Do cities, provinces or nations have a spiritual destiny? Pastor Eve Bassett from Edmonton AB is a seasoned and powerful intercessor, and she believes they do. Find out how you can become more effective prayer warrior for our nation)

Episode 111 (Our guest today is Sarah Ball. When it comes to stress, Sarah knows what she is talking about. Her own journey from anxiety, depression and OCD to wholeness, has given her insight about how to walk freedom)

Episode 112 (Our guest today is Barb Koopmans. How do you deal with the loss of a loved one during the Christmas season? Barb will be an encouragement to you, as she has gone through this very issue)

Episode 113 (Our guest today is the founder of THE BURN 24/7, Sean Feucht. He’ll be sharing on how it all started and what happens when the atmosphere is saturated with praise and worship)

Episode 114 (On this week’s episode, Dick will be teaching on having a thankful heart)

Episode 115 (Our guest this week is Patricia King, and she’ll be sharing what she sees for 2018)

Episode 116 (On this week’s episode, we will have an encouraging clip from Dominion Conference 2017 featuring Edith Armstrong. She’ll be sharing about healing and restoration within her family)

Episode 117 (In this week’s episode, we are talking with Darren Canning. He functions in the prophetic area of church ministry and ministers all over the world. This is PART 1 of a 2-part interview)

Episode 119 (In this week’s episode, Dick will be sharing the purpose of this ministry. Can a nation be transformed?)

Episode 118 (On this week’s episode, it’s PART 2 of our interview with Darren Canning)

Episode 120 (Our guests today are Raymond and Nicola Bergin. It’s part 1 of a 2-part interview that promises to be very encouraging to those that have struggled with mental illness)