Season 3

Episode 57 (3rd season) (Our guest today is Sara Maynard)

Episode 58 (3rd season) (We’ll hear a message from Joan, concerning the call of women to pray for this generation)


Episode 59 (3rd season) (Katie Pezzutto is our guest, sharing about her healing from an eating disorder)

Episode 60 (3rd season) (Our guest is Rob Parker of the National House Of Prayer in Ottawa. He’ll be sharing where we are spiritually in the nation and how we should be praying. Check out nhop.ca for more details on the House Of Prayer)

Episode 61 (3rd season) (Dick and Joan will share how the prophetic anointing is a part of this ministry, and how you can partner with us)

Episode 62 (3rd season) (Our guest is author David Harrison, and he’ll be sharing about his book as well as how God has delivered him from addictions)

Episode 63 (3rd season) (Our guest today is Denise Mountenay, an advocate for the unborn, and she will be sharing her passion for this cause)

Episode 64 (3rd season) (Our guest today is Royce Harris, and he will be sharing his story of leaving his job to minister to those behind bars)

Episode 65 (3rd season) (Today’s episode is highlighting Dick and Joan’s story, as well as your opportunity to partner with us)

Episode 66 (3rd season) (Our guests are Faytene Grassesechi and Rob Parker, and today’s show is all about Canada)


Episode 67 (3rd season) (Our guest is Doug Sharp, and he will share how you can get involved in matters that affect this nation)

Episode 68 (3rd season) (Our guests are Luc and Sophie Niebergall. We are discussing THE BURN and their passion for revival in Canada and around the world)

Episode 69 (3rd season) (Dick will be speaking on the stronghold of praise)

Episode 70 (3rd season) (Our guest today is David Harrison, continuing our chat with him about his new book “WHO AM I? DRUGS TO DREAMS”. The book is available on Amazon as well)

Episode 71 (3rd season) (It’s our Christmas show, and Dick will be speaking about the birth of Christ)

Episode 72 (3rd season) (This is a rebroadcast of our interview with Sarah Ball. This is sure to be an encouragement for you)

Episode 73 (3rd season) (Dick and Joan share their vision for Canada, along with Bill Prankard, Craig Buroker and Len Zoeteman, and how YOU can become a partner, financially and through prayer)


Episode 74 (3rd season) (Our guest is Bill Prankard, and he will be sharing his heart for Canada and what is going on in the Arctic)

Episode 75 (3rd season) (Dick is sharing a word about The Apostolic Call. This will be a great encouragement for you)

Episode 76 (3rd season) (Our guests are Bruce and Lara Merz. They will be sharing a great story of God’s physical healing in Bruce’s life)

Episode 77 (3rd season) (Revival!! From our last Dominion Conference, Dick will be speaking about the outpouring of Holy Spirit in the early 1900’s, and how it affects us even today!)

Episode 78 (3rd season) (Our guest is Shaila Visser, national director for Alpha Canada, and she will be sharing an amazing story of God’s healing in her life)

Episode 79 (3rd season) (Dick will be teaching that God has a purpose and a destiny for us all)

Episode 80 (3rd season) (There are exciting things happening in this ministry. Catch all the details coming up on today’s show)

Episode 81 (3rd season) (Our guest today is Pastor Joel Spinks from Quebec. He’ll be sharing his heart for French-speaking people in Canada and around the world)


Episode 82 (3rd season) (Our guest today is Pastor Craig Buroker of Southside Victory Church in Calgary, AB. He’ll be sharing how today might be the church’s finest hour)

Episode 83 (3rd season) (Our guests are Hector Castaneda and Nidia Beltran. They will share their story of persecution in Columbia and how God brought revival to that region of South America)

Episode 84 (3rd season) (Our guest today is Pastor Craig Buroker of Southside Victory Church in Calgary, AB. He will be sharing what is available to the church for wealth transfer, especially in this current world situation)


Episode 85 (3rd season) (Our guest today is Joe Sinanan of Calgary. He’s involved in an event called THE BURN, an event focused on worship and ministry to the Lord, with the goal of going 24/7. These events are happening around the world)

Episode 86 (3rd season) (Our guest today is Pastor Len Zoeteman of Calgary Full Gospel Church. In today’s show, learn how you can turn your pain into a pathway of power)

Episode 87 (3rd season) (Dominion Conference is coming up, and this episode is all about it)

Episode 88 (3rd season) (Len Zoeteman is our guest, and he’ll be sharing how brokenness can be your door to the higher calling of God. Len is also one of our guests for Dominion Conference, coming up June 30-July 3, 2017. Register online at dickandjoan.com)

Episode 89 (3rd season) (Our guests are Bob and Melanie LaVictoire from Lethbridge, AB. They will be sharing their stories with us, and it promises to be very encouraging)

Episode 90 (3rd season) (Our guest in today’s show is Deborah Monita of Lethbridge, AB. She will be sharing a story of healing, and how God healed her through DANCE. It promises to be of great encouragement to you)

Episode 91 (3rd season) (Dick will be speaking on THE POWER OF SMALL THINGS)

Episode 92 (3rd season) (Our guest today is Richie Seltzer. He’ll be sharing on how to live a life of evangelism)

Episode 93 (3rd season) (Dick will be sharing on the signs of the times)

Episode 94 (3rd season) (Our guests today are Joel Spinks and Len Zoeteman. We’ll be focusing on the upcoming Dominion Conference, which will be held from June 30-July 3, 2017. To register, click the DOMINION CONFERENCE tab)

Episode 95 (3rd season) (Our guest today is Sarah Ball. She’ll be sharing her amazing testimony on how God has delivered her, and some of the resources she has that will be of great encouragement to you)

Episode 96 (3rd season) (This is PART 1 of a 3-part interview with Randy Clark)

Episode 97 (3rd season) (Part 2 of a 3-part series with Randy Clark)