Season 2

Episode 17 (2nd season) (Rob and Fran Parker, from the National House Of Prayer in Ottawa, share on the power of prayer in national politics)

Episode 18 (2nd season) (Bill Prankard shares about his passion for Canada and what is happening the Canada’s North with Project Hope)

Episode 19 (2nd season) (Rod Hembree shares on the power of God’s Word in our lives)

Episode 20 (2nd season) (Part 2 with Rod Hembree)

Episode 21 (2nd season) (Dick shares a word from Dominion Conference on where we are in the timeline of the Bible)

Episode 22 (2nd season) (Dick shares from our Dominion Conference on what God has done is past revivals and what God is doing now)

Episode 23 (2nd season) (Len Zoeteman shares on releasing the ability of God in us all) 

Episode 24 (2nd season) (Len Zoeteman shares on living a higher spiritual life)

Episode 25 (2nd season) (Dick and Len Zoeteman share receiving spiritual keys)

Episode 26 (2nd season) (Francis Armstrong shares on what God is about to do in our nation)

Episode 27 (2nd season) (Craig Buroker shares about the sounds of worship)

Episode 28 (2nd season) (Dick is sharing about the signs that Jesus said would occur in our generation)

Episode 29 (2nd season) (Rob Parker shares a story of healing and it promises to be an encouragement to you)

Episode 30 (2nd season) (Carrie Carmichael shares about her upbringing and how she came to know Jesus)

Episode 31 (2nd season) (Part 1 with Charlotte Quist)

Episode 32 (2nd season) (Part 2 with Charlotte Quist)

Episode 33 (2nd season) (Braden Scharfenberg is our guest, and he is sharing about his new worship album and his recent ministry trips to the Canadian North)

Episode 34 (2nd season) (Dick is speaking about what he senses in coming this year)

Episode 35 (2nd season) (Part 1 with Graham Bretherick, discussing his new book on fear)

Episode 36 (2nd season) (Part 2 with Graham Bretherick)

Episode 37 (2nd season) (Hear a portion of Dick and Joan’s story of trial and redemption)

Episode 38 (2nd season) (Listen to Joan and her story of healing from cancer)

Episode 39 (2nd season) (We are continuing with clips from our 2-hour special, sharing what God is doing right now)

Episode 40 (2nd season) (Dick speaks on how to guard your heart)

Episode 41 (2nd season) (Pastor Craig Buroker is our guest and we will talk about the Jubilee of Jubilees)

Episode 42 (2nd season) (Our guests are Darrin and Daphne Clark of Catch The Fire Calgary)

Episode 44 (2nd season) (Our guests are Shaila Visser and John Kivell from Alpha Canada)

Episode 45 (2nd season) (Dick is speaking about Easter and the power of the cross of Christ)

Episode 43 (2nd season) (Pastor Craig Buroker is our guest, and we’ll be talking about the release of wealth in the Kingdom of God)

Episode 46 (2nd season) (Our guest today is Pastor Daniel Zopoula. He will share his story from being born in Africa, coming to Canada, and his missions around the world)

Episode 47 (2nd season) (Our guests today are Kenn and Donna Haase, sharing about their life of missions)

Episode 48 (2nd season) (Dick is preaching a message at Third Day on how to keep the family strong)

Episode 49 (2nd season) (You will hear Dick preach on Palm Sunday)

Episode 50 (2nd season) (The interview in this episode is a little different: Dick will be interviewing Joan!! Joan will be sharing her experience in Heaven from a trip to Israel)

Episode 51 (2nd season) (Our guest is Sarah Ball of Lethbridge. She will share about mental health and how God is healing her)

Episode 52 (2nd season) (Our guest today is Shaila Visser of Alpha Canada, and she’ll be sharing on how God brought a physical healing into her life)

Episode 53 (2nd season) (Our guest is Sarah Ball, and we are continuing our chat with her on God’s healing in her life and how you can be free)

Episode 54 (2nd season) (Our guests today are Al and Terry Purvis of Victory ASIA. We are talking about what they are doing in Asia and the power of covenant)

Episode 55 (2nd season) (Our guests today are Al and Terry Purvis, and we’ll be discussing missions and the power of fathering)

Episode 56 (2nd season) (Dick is preaching on the baptism of the Holy Spirit)