Season 1

Episode 3 (Dick speaking on the spirit of faith)

Episode 4 (Francis Armstrong speaking on the roar of the lion)

Episode 5 (Bill Prankard and Steven Carlton speak about Arctic Hope)

Episode 6 (Dick shares on 2 great gifts that were given at the cross)

Episode 7 (Len Zoeteman shares on the different seasons in our lives and how God prepares us for greater things through those times)

Episode 8 (Craig Buroker shares the new levels the Church must rise to in order to see cities and nations changed)

Episode 9 (Part 1 with Bruce and Lara Merz, and the amazing story of healing in Bruce’s life)

Episode 10 (Part 2 with Bruce and Lara Merz)

Episode 11 (Ray and Rosalind MacDonald share about LEKET Israel, a feeding program for the suffering in the Holy Land)

Episode 12 (Part 2 with Ray and Rosalind MacDonald of LEKET Israel)

Episode 13 (Craig Buroker is our guest, and we will be talking about the upcoming Dominion Conference)

Episode 14 (We are discussing the upcoming Dominion Conference and what can take place)

Episode 15 (Antonio and Christelle Baldovinos from The Global Prayer House in Medicine Hat, AB, share their story of how God brought them to where they are today)

Episode 16 (Antonio Baldovinos and Braden Scharfenberg share about the power of worship and ministry)